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Never give up on you.  No matter the circumstances there is always one more grander version of you waiting to be discovered.  It’s all about the discovery not the how that reveals the champion within! - Belanie Dishong

What Are We Sacrificing?

As I have continued to ponder the possibilities of appreciation I have come to look at people during their everyday life with a new awareness.  People are really hurting out there due to the lack of appreciation.   Last week I was on a flight to Florida to speak at a conference and I had…

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What's Love Got To Do With It?

I am beginning to feel that we may seek appreciation more than we seek love.  Oh I know that is a broad statement, but let’s look at it for a moment.   I am a firm believer that love is an experience, something that you generate within yourself.   I can’t think of a time in…

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The World Through the Eyes of Appreciation

          I am spending much time in the inquiry of what can occur in my life as I live in a state of appreciation.   It seems to me that the word appreciation has been taken lightly and just sort of lumped together with the word gratitude.  I am experiencing that…

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