Your world is made up of the words you choose to use! Change your world…change your words.

Today was just one of THOSE days.  You know we all have them once in a while.  It was a day that appreciation was lost in the jungle of things just not working.   Started off with my network going down…called for help…help arrives.  Soon to discover that it’s a far bigger problem, can’t be fixed here gotta call in the big guys that know how to find it in the wires.  My first thoughts were, “Oh sure, of course…it couldn’t be something so simple as just a bad router.”



The day just got worse and I just sunk further into the doom and gloom thoughts rather than living in the space of appreciation.  But here I go deeper and deeper into thoughts about how inconvenient and difficult my day had become… until finally the man shows up at the door to say, “I hate to give you the bad news.”  My head went on a wild goose chase trying to figure out what could be worse than an entire day of business without internet and telephones. Guess what, he was right it was bad news.  The words he spoke were like piercing gloom…We are going to have to dig up your yard and it will probably be a week or better before you have service again.


I can hear myself screaming inside, all possibility of appreciation is gone completely out the door.  I looked at him and said no, it’s gonna happen.  I am not going a week without service and you aren’t going to dig up my yard.  He walked away speaking over his shoulder…yes we are…have a nice day!


Two steps up the stairs and I stopped dead in my tracks.  Taking a deep breath I said, “No, we are not going to have all that…we will have service and it will be without all this mess.”  I hear his truck driving away…then I return to my office.


Suddenly, I was reminded that my world is created by my thoughts and the words that I use.  I could see how tough my day had continued to be by so much focus on what wasn’t working, and the more I lived there the worse the conditions got.  I’ll not bore you with the details that continued throughout the day…but…


“Stop,”  I finally said to myself as I sat down at my desk.  Remembering to come back to the basics…that all things have value.  I returned to a state of appreciation.  Calmly, I  engaged with new thoughts…thoughts of how the network will get handled without effort.  I just went back to work.



A few minutes later I glanced at the router to notice that it was all lit up green…not red flashing lights.  I was stunned in the moment.  There was no “logical” reason for why the router suddenly began to work.  From this moment some 5 hours later, it is working…and yes, when my words changed from what doesn’t work to what works…Well, suddenly the router works.


May you find those moments that things look insurmountable and you shift to the words that work…and live victoriously.

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