It is during this season that I reflect upon what I have accomplished, see where I maybe missed the mark, give gratitude for all that I have, get blown away by all the things that I have seen, shared, sometimes endured yet come through and the many joys that I had.


Throughout each year, I have taken many pictures  and download them to a card for the entire year. I do this because it holds everything in order. One day between Christmas and New Years, I go back to the first picture and relive the year right from the viewer on my camera.  I see the things I may have not remembered, I smile, I have tears and, I always reconnect with one important reality, and that is… everything, in every year is all about the relationships by which I have been touched.


I can say absolutely with the greatest conviction…  “there is nothing in my life worth having, being or doing, if the relationship with others is not the center of each experience.”
In this moment and in my minds eye, I somehow wrap my heart and arms around each human being on the planet and I feel the meaning of it all. Nothing else about this worldly life brings me greater peace, love and joy.


Isn’t relationship what it is really all about?

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