My Dad Once Said…

There was never a more precious man than my dad.  One of the things that was great about him was he loved to come to my home and “fix stuff.”  It always seemed that he just came at the right time and there was always something to be fixed.


He would drive for about 4 hours to come visit. Over coffee one morning, he was telling me the things he planned to work on for me that day.  I simply said to him, “Dad, you know you don’t have to work every time you come to town.”   And with a very sober expression he looked at me and said, “Honey, I love to help, it lets me know I still have value.  The day that I have no value, is the day that I no longer want to live.”


That broke my heart and I have never forgotten his words. To this day I can still see his face and hear his words.  At that moment, I knew there was much to come for me around a person’s sense of value and where it comes from.


I have to say, it seems when he passed away, it was at a time when he wasn’t up to fixing things anymore.


What if a person could experience the magic of appreciation from the inside out?  I think we might live longer.  This is my quest!


  1. Jena Rodriguez on October 5, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    WOW! What an experience I just had about my own dad! tears and all. It is the realization that all he and I have ever wanted in the relationship we have had all these years is to be appreciated! My mission is to just love him for him, to appreciate him for being him and surrender to the way it is. THANK YOU of the most wise women I know!

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