Tired of Trying to Prove That You Are Valuable?

Do you sometimes feel like you are always having to prove to others that you have value?  I hear over and over from couples how they don’t feel like they are appreciated by their partners.  Children and teens are constantly feeling that no one hears them, nothing they have to say matters, and most of them have just stopped talking to their parents.  Employees are often so disenchanted in their jobs because they don’t feel they are valued.  It is an epidemic!  So what are we going to do about it?

There is only one thing you can do about it… and that is for you to become an appreciator.  Yes, that’s right, if you want to be appreciated, the fastest way to get there is for you to become someone that lives a life of appreciating others.

It is a practice of living your life at an entirely different level.  It is so worth it!  An appreciator is someone that knows that everyone and everything in life has value.  When you see life through this perspective and believe value is a given, everyone and everything around you will take on a new posture with you.  The great thing about living from here is that it requires nothing from anyone in order for you to see them as valuable.  You will not have any demands on others.  You will loose your expectation requirements on others.  Take a moment and just look at what life would be like for you if others could see your value without you having to do anything at all for it.

You are probably asking why you would want to do such a thing…especially when it will include people that you sometimes can’t stand to be around.  Here’s what happens, you actually put off a scientifically measurable energy vibration when you are experiencing appreciation.  Now, if others (your significant other, children, coworkers, boss, family members) want to be appreciated and you put off a vibration of appreciation, then the people around you will receive the appreciation.  The magic just begins there.  People will then begin to appreciate you and the cycle takes off … you and others will be present to the very value you wanted to begin with.

I challenge you to try this out!   Be in the world what you want the world to be.



  1. Brian Berry-Berlinski on November 4, 2011 at 1:34 am

    So true… I saw my partner change immediately after you stopped for a moment and focused all your energy on appreciating him… SO POWERFUL. Simple yet profound.

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