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Your Thoughts Are Not The Problem

You’ve tried and tried to “think positive” and it hasn’t worked. You’re exhausted and wondering what to do now. Aren’t you tired of trying so hard? What if you could uncover the actual problem? Often, we think our thoughts are the problem but that’s not true. Your thoughts are a symptom of the problem. The real…

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Is Your Perspective What’s Really Holding You Back In Life?

Perspective is the way you perceive something. Perspective is also the reason why a problem can be removed from our lives but we still struggle. Denise was married to a lazy, emotionally abusive man. She struggled with feeling worthless and lacking self-esteem and felt that he was to blame. When he left her for another…

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Why Positive Thinking Is B.S.

If you’ve read an article on self-help or heard a personal development speaker, you’ve probably been exposed to the idea of positive thinking. This is the belief that “thinking positive” will somehow change your circumstances or your identity. It sounds good in theory. You may have even heard, “If you change your mindset, you can…

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Making New Choices

Thanks for making the choice to be here today. You are here (literally and figuratively) as a direct result of the choices you have made up to this point. Yes! The sum of all of your previous life choices has you here, where you are now. That includes the good, the bad and thee ugly.…

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Letting Go Of Attachments

Hey you guys…..You may have heard of  a popular quote that’s been floating around for a long time: “Never get too attached to someone, because attachments lead to expectations and expectations lead to disappointments.” –author unknown  In this case, let’s replace the word someone with something or the outcome. The point is, that being attached is only…

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