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You are a Conduit through Thankfulness and Gratitude

You are a conduit to give and receive, thankfulness and gratitude. To create balance in your life you must let the energies flow in and out; express gratitude for what you are given, be thankful and receive the gifts of others. In this visualization, I show you how to create this balance by being the…

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Do you need to shift your mindset?

What if I told you there is nothing wrong with your mindset? You do not need to shift your mindset. You are getting lots of incredible stuff in your life, right? I know it may be hard to see that because it’s the hard stuff that always comes to mind first. It’s the things that…

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Stuck With Hard-to-Make Decisions

Making decisions is a difficult process for so many people. We spend so much energy with hard to make decisions and get swept up in fear, doubt, and confusion. What makes certain decisions so difficult for us? When these hard to make decision situations occur, what are you afraid of? Do you say to yourself,…

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Letting Go of Attachment

Would you believe that when you are attached or hanging on to something being or turning out a certain way…you are very limited?   If you have ever felt like you are holding on to something because you can only see it happening exactly one way, I am here to tell you there is a way…

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Feel Like Running From The Day?

Circumstances can be overwhelming. When dealing with everyday problems, our circumstances, we often want to retreat, run away, or go back to bed. Most of all we just want it to go to bed.  I want you to know this one very important fact about your circumstances… WATCH VIDEO:  In this video I told you…

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