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Look What All You (aren’t) Getting Done!

You wake up to the demands of a new day! Work, (for some of you) kids, the daily commute, baseball practice, preparing dinner, the laundry, the bills, the vacation plans…..the list goes on and on! But you have it all handled right!?! You are the Super Multitasker, able to juggle all of these and a…

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Procrastination: What Does It Mean About You?

What have you made procrastination mean? What have you made it mean about you? The definition of Procrastination: To defer or delay, to put off to another day. The problem is not in putting something off to another day. The problem isn’t really that you delay some completion to another point in time. The problem…

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Today’s The Day

“The problem is, you think you have time” ~ Buddha Today is the day! It’s the only one that matters and it is absolutely the only one that is real.  And you, like most everyone on the planet, are living as though you have all the time in the world. And truth be told, we…

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Advice Is What You Ask For When You Already Have The Answer

What are the answers you are seeking? And where are you looking for those answers and/or advice as to how to find them? The world is full of people and places to look and get the advice and answers to your simplest and most complex questions. Perhaps you confide in a close friend or family…

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Life Is A Game Of Inches

Life is a game of inches. We just had the Big Game. The Super Bowl. And I can’t help but be reminded that much like the game of football, life too is a game of inches. Regardless of whether your team played in the greatest game of all, there is much to be enjoyed and…

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