The World Through the Eyes of Appreciation






I am spending much time in the inquiry of what can occur in my life as I live in a state of appreciation.


It seems to me that the word appreciation has been taken lightly and just sort of lumped together with the word gratitude.  I am experiencing that they are not the same.  In fact, far from it and by the way, gratitude is an incredible state of being as well and I do not mean to diminish it’s importance with this inquiry on appreciation.


Here is what I am discovering to be different,  appreciation is what comes first and gratitude comes after.  Sort of the before and after pictures of the way I see life.


What I am discovering is that if I come from appreciation first, just as a way of being, then everything is perfection regardless to how it shows up.  Meaning, it all has value.  If that is so, then  I have absolutely nothing to resist.


It is a huge difference in seeing everything through the eyes of its existing value rather than “trying to find” the value.  Peace comes when I can come from a place of “the value is a given”.  Then it becomes a life of wonderment.


In this state, what a world!  I live in joy.

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