Is Money Good or Evil?

You may be surprised by how much people’s beliefs about money hold them back from having their desired financial security and abundance.


You see stuff in media all the time about groups angry over how much money a CEO makes, how wealthy people are flaunting their money in outrageous ways, and how the distance between the haves and have-nots is growing, which is one of the reasons given for today’s crime rates.


Yikes! Money sounds terrible!


In fact, many of us believe that having money means something about you. If you have too much, you’re a bad person.


But what may not be so easy for you to see is that money isn’t the problem—it’s the person with the money and how they’re choosing to handle it.


Money itself is a neutral thing—neither good nor bad. It’s simply a vehicle to get you all the things you really want in life. Not the material things, but what they represent to you: time, comfort, adventure, joy.


Think about the things you want money to bring you. A comfortable home with all the space your family needs? The freedom to be more available to the people you love? The chance to travel around the world? The opportunity to see your kids’ eyes light up at Disney World? The ability to help improve other people’s lives through charitable giving?


Yes, money can be used for good!


Believing that having lots of money is bad keeps you from having as much of it as you desire. Subconsciously, you are pushing it away from you. Have you ever noticed that when you get a little money it’s suddenly gone? You can’t seem to keep it around? When our core belief is that money is not good for us, or we don’t deserve to be wealthy, we subconsciously find ways to get rid of it.


Hands tied dollars


When you can change your beliefs around money, and you’re no longer resisting it, then money will come to you and flow freely with you.


How do you change your beliefs around money? By understanding what drives your beliefs to be the way they are. You have to go yet another layer down to be able to make lasting changes in your life around money.


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