"Hey, what about me?" Move past unappreciation and see your value!

Do you feel as though you are constantly trying to prove your worth to others? I always hear from people about how they feel unappreciated by others — their partners, parents, children, employees, colleagues, friends, etc. Teenagers often stop talking to their parents, they completely disconnect, when they feel they’re not being heard or appreciated. Employees can lose all motivation to work, because they don’t feel valued by their employers. This issue is an epidemic of sorts, and we need to do something about it.


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What can you do to change this pattern as just one individual? You can become an appreciator. Yep, that’s right. If you want to be appreciated, then the quickest way to gain that validation is through appreciating the people around you. Live your life to appreciate others, and your life will be improved beyond measure.


Allow appreciating others to become a practice for you, and begin living life on an entirely different level of satisfaction. Believe me, the effort is worth it! An appreciator is someone who realizes that everyone and everything has value. When you see life through this lens, wherein value is intrinsic, your ideas about others will dramatically improve. The most wonderful shift will happen from here, this place of appreciation, because it will require nothing from others for you to view them as valuable. Your demands of others will be washed away. You will let go of your expectations, your requirements of others. Take a moment, and imagine what life could hold for you if others could see and appreciate you, without requiring anything on your end. Imagine the weight that would be taken off of your shoulders if you could spend your time doing what you love, rather than vying for validation from the people in your life.


I understand there are people whose company you may not particularly enjoy, personalities that you won’t be able to gel with, and so naturally you’re wondering how this practice of appreciation will benefit you in the long term. Here’s something interesting for you to know — there is an empirically measurable difference in the kind of energy vibration we exude when we feel appreciated. If the people in your life (your spouse, partner, child, peer, etc.) who want your appreciation sense your gracious vibes, then you will in turn be contributing the most to your own feelings of self-worth. The magic only begins there. Those who pick up on your new aura – a reflection of your self-fulfillment – will begin to appreciate your presence in their lives much more. You and others will be present to the kind of value you were looking for all along.


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Be a model of the kind of person you want others to be for you.


Are you tired of feeling unacknowledged and unappreciated?  Do you ever try to prove you know what you’re talking about and that your opinions have value?


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