It’s Time to Change Gears

Sometimes life requires us to change gears to get where we want to go. I frequently have people that call me who are down. They are stuck, they are depressed, they can’t even get out of bed. Their problems range from not knowing what to do, to just being stuck in the chatter in their mind, to being stuck in bed and can’t even get up and do anything for the day.

So how do we change gears and get past being stuck? Today I’m going to show you how with a personal story. I say, pick something outrageously different for you to do, and here’s my story about that.

Going back many years ago to Christmas. Our family has a routine and a tradition about being together and how we celebrate that holiday season. This one year I decided that we were going to do something different. We were gonna change gears and literally put our focus on people other than ourselves.

Yes, we have given and donated, volunteered, and done all kinds of things, but this was going to change gears in the way we were gonna celebrate this Christmas holiday. On Christmas morning, we were all going to participate in a program called The Holiday Project. It was the most momentous moment I ever had in my life.

And so, we got up early and got dressed, and off we went. We met up with hundreds of people that day and broke out into different groups. Our family went to a group that was going to two or three different places. The first was a nursing home.

We get to the nursing home and we’re going into the rooms to sing Christmas carols to people who are bedridden for the holiday. And so we walked into this one room and there was a bed with a woman in it, and then there was a very low to the floor bed, something just a little better than a cot, but very low to the floor. We were surrounding the bed where the woman was lying, and I glanced over to the woman that was on this lower level bed and I said, what about her?

And the woman in the bigger bed said, “oh, she doesn’t respond, she hasn’t opened her eyes

or responded to anyone or said anything for years, I think she’s even deaf.”

And so, I decided that that’s where I needed to be at that moment.

And I went over and knelt down by the bed with her. I slid my hand under the back of her neck just lightly, and I moved her face and mine together where she could feel the vibration of my voice. We all sang Silent Night, and as I sang I knew somehow she was getting something different, that she was aware, and about halfway through the song, she began to hum with me.

And as she did, the tears ran down my cheeks because I knew at that moment that our changing gear had made such an impact for this person who had laid there all these years with no response to the outside world.

And the woman in the larger bed says, “oh my goodness, she’s singing.” And yes, she’s singing.

When will you change gears? When will you step out of your own story and what’s bothering you, and step out and do something to brighten the moments in the lives of another person?

Change gears now and you will find through that, that you are the gift and through that gift, you will then be gifted back to you the things that will help you move forward and past your feeling of being stuck.

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