#1 Surefire Way To Put Pizzazz Back Into Your Relationship!


I was just thinking this morning, what would it be like to be a kid again?  I can’t remember the last time I considered such a question. Then I wondered, what is it that kids do so well that most adults do not include in their daily lives?


Imagination is so powerful.  In fact, as kids play their imagination becomes them.  Have you ever noticed how one child’s imagination shared with playmate quickly engages the imagination of the playmate and soon they are playing out the same imagined story?  This can happy in your life today.

Everything is created out of imagination.  

Think about it, nothing comes into reality until it is first imagined.  Yet, you don’t acknowledge the power.  In fact, when something you have imagined occurs in your life, you consider it to be a random act of fate or chance.

Do you remember falling in love?  

Here’s a hint….a very important hint!

I bet you don’t realize it but your entire romance has been a process of your imagination.  It all began in your imagination!  Yep, that’s what you did, you imagined it into reality.   That loving, powerful, fun, and exciting experience called, “falling in love” is something you created in your mind first!

I have to ask you, is that same loving, powerful, fun and exciting experience part of your relationship today?  Oh don’t you get grownup on me with your logic of why that’s not possible!  Life stuff doesn’t have to get in the way.

If you are not experiencing what you want in your relationship, you have just stopped imagining it being a loving, powerful, fun and exciting relationship!  Actually, you have replaced it with imagining something other than that!    It’s a spiraling cycle that will create very different mental pictures.  What you imagine and focus on becomes things!


3 Reasons You Don’t Have What You Once Had In Your Relationship


#1  Believing relationship and marriage “takes a lot of work.”  Your mental pictures change accordingly, the more you imagine and empower how hard it is…the harder it gets and RELATIONSHIP IS HARD becomes your new experience of your relationship.
#2  The Honeymoon Is Over!  Wow, this one really starts another stream of imagination.  It will eat away at any experience of love, fun and excitement. Soon you are finding all kinds of things that aren’t how they used to be and that becomes your reality of the relationship.
#3  You get so wound up in life that you just stop imagining how you want it to be.  You start imagining all the things you really don’t want or like… then you get more of what you don’ t like and don’t want!  This happens really fast!   

No matter what, you are imagining everything and then you are getting THAT!  

Relationship IS exactly as you IMAGINE IT!

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