Break It Down


Home again, back to the basics.  You know, sometimes you just gotta stop and recenter yourself.


After taking a break for almost two weeks and then coming back to work full force, I felt a sense of overwhelm.  It was like I was really behind the 8 ball — I had many financial obligations which I had committed to in the end of 2013 for this upcoming year.  WOW, I could feel it all closing in on me.  Yep, it happens to me, too.  I get there and that’s when I know I have things to discover for myself.  It’s the very stuff that I coach others on.  I felt the creep of the blue funk, smothered just slightly by the feeling of overcommitment.


Today was a huge breakthrough for me.  Last year was a record business year for me.  I also have made many financial commitments to others within Live At Choice to bring about greater revenues for them.


As I was feeling like it was all closing in on me… I heard the voice I needed to hear:  BREAK IT DOWN.  Just Break It Down… that’s what’s next.



elephant in a room


Generally, I just do what’s next, but at that moment, I came back into the office trying to eat the entire elephant in the room at once.


Once I could break it all down, I saw the next step.  I felt this enormous shift within myself — the alignment of creation statements that lead me to the freedom of eating the elephant one small step at a time.


As I took the next step, I could suddenly see that the next requirement for me to deliver on my commitments was to just jump.  It was the same thing 4 years ago when I hired my first assistant.  Making that jump has gotten me to where I am now.  And now, I jump again to go over this tipping point.  Yeah!  I jumped… I jumped, and I will need to jump again — for this I am certain.


Are you needing to jump?


Sometimes you just gotta BREAK IT DOWN, start eating the elephant one small bit at a time… and when you do, you then will see where you need to jump next.


Here are my creation statements:


I am the center of giving and receiving in my life.


I am the conduit and pass through for all things to align within me as giving and receiving, gifting, and receiving of gifts.  That’s what it is all about, for me!




Give yourself the gift of making creation statements a powerful part of your everyday life!  Get results that extend beyond your usual gains.  Don’t miss this awesome training video package which includes a beautiful Creation Statement Journal — click here!


  1. Joyce Brown on January 31, 2014 at 9:58 am

    I soooo get it! The minute I saw that picture of the elephant in “my” kitchen, I knew how you felt. Now I am practicing just doing what’s next. and then jumping…..
    Thanks for your constant teaching. Love,J

  2. Geri Davison on January 31, 2014 at 10:58 am

    I really enjoyed this blog. Totally could relate. Thanks!

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