Stop the Search!

Stop the search — you know the answers!


You have been given all of the answers.  They live within.  The magic in life appears when you come to realize that everything you need comes from within.  You reach God and wisdom from looking inside.  These are not new words, however it may become a new practice.  I know for myself, I used to pray to the God that lived outside of me. I always seemed to see God somewhere out there in Heaven.  The message was loud and clear, “I am within, be still and know that I am God.”  These were the most precious words I could ever hear. It was in the stillness that I could see God was in my very being — that I could never be “without God.”  God had already answered all of my prayers, and the answers I was looking for were inside me.  From the simplest to the most complex, the answers are always within.


I KNOW this to be true.  Unless you consider this practice from a place of knowing – completely without doubt – and being certain the answers are there, you will fall short.  


A couple of years ago, I was leading a workshop in Washington, DC.  I was going to speak on the same subject matter, as I had for close to 17 years, when I suddenly saw the message I wanted to get across in a very different light.  Which I’ve found happens quite often for me.  I paused to listen closely to what was coming through me as I approached the whiteboard, and began to make my presentation in a whole a new way.




I had always described inquiry as questioning deeper and deeper, which would then lead to new insight.  The new insight then produces the possibility for breakthrough, for new possibilities, and new choices then bring about transformation.  A person is then able to live in a new state of being, through new awareness and new results.  


However, my epiphany had revealed to me that “to question” is to live as if you do not know.  It is not truly inquiry.  The words were so clear, so precise, so guided.  I saw inquiry differently, and then began drawing out the difference for my audience.  


“Reveal to me that which I have not yet seen, that I may have insight for breakthough, transformation and live in a new state of being through new awareness.”   


I KNOW this to be true.  Unless you live life from a place of knowing, instead of wondering, doubting, and questioning, you will fall short on the magic of life.  


There are simple steps, which if you follow, will allow you to emulate the practice.


1. Use it, use it again and again until it is the only place you go.  “Reveal to me….” And it will be revealed.  Use it for everything, from lost keys, lost peace of mind, to trying to determine what to do next.

2. Have no attachment to when or how it comes to you. Let go!

3. Do not question.

4. Then go do what is next!


In my next blog, I will talk about what it means to do what’s next — read the continuation of my blog here.





  1. Jena Rodriguez on January 15, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    Fantastic post and reminder of what is so! I practice this as well thanks to you. It is magical when you can free yourself of the “search” and just trust that it shall be revealed. Works every time.

  2. Sonya on January 17, 2014 at 10:34 am

    I only find that it is difficult sometimes to be in a world full of people who don’t get this.

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