Are You Envious Of Those Who Live Big?

Have you ever wished you could jump out there and start living life bigger? Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to make it all work with ease, while you are trying to figure it out? I hear you, and I want you to know there is a path for you- a route that will get you there too!


This week, I will be speaking on the topic of Living Big during my upcoming online workshop. The concept of living big can seem to be a lofty goal in the minds of some, while to others it seems very attainable. I think the most important thing to realize is that living big is simply an abstract concept. The conception is entirely subjective, and defined by the pursuer. Now, let me break that down.


For those of you who may want to run at the mention of living big and what it entails – perhaps lots of effort, fears to overcome, revisiting past wounds – I encourage you to hang in there. You may be running away from your first opportunity to live life differently. For those of you thinking “let’s go for it, I’m ready,” then you hang onto that thought, because you too must carry some element of fear with you or you would already be living big. But, regardless of if you are hesitant or ready to begin now, understand that living big is still just a concept. I reiterate this, because it is a theory on how to live, the meaning and parameters of which only you can apply. Therefore, “living big” in itself is nothing until your actions give meaning to the words.


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What I am trying to get across is that everyone can choose to live big. What’s defined as “big” is completely different from one person to the next. What a leap is for you might be a small step for another. People are often quick to exit the conversation when living big is brought up, because it seems overzealous. But, it’s important to remember what you want- to get from where you are today, to the next place you want to be. During the online workshop, you will have an opportunity to define your next step to living and playing big. I leave you with these questions to think about:


  • Are you Living Big in all of your relationships? What would that be like for you? What would you do differently?
  • Are you living big and playing full-out in your career? If not, what would that look like for you?
  • What would it mean for you to be living big financially?


Is it time for you to take the first steps toward living big? When a dream or goal seems too far away, or too large to tackle it’s usually because we are too busy looking at the end result. When we focus on the end result, we can’t see the small easy steps we can take to get there. Or maybe you do see the steps, but you can’t seem to figure out how to move forward. I will help you break down the concept of living big, so you can see it as not only possible, but entirely within your reach! Isn’t it time? Your first step is to contact me, send me a brief message to let me know how I can help you make the change you’ve been struggling to make.


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