Stuck with Yesterday's Vision? Imagine Newly!

Today’s VISION is tomorrow’s REALITY.  As Neville Goddard teaches through his writings, everything starts with your imagination.  Before anything can become reality, it must first be aimagined.


I can remember when I was a child I would hear people say, ‘stop daydreaming.” Thank God no one ever said that to me!  When I would hear it, I would think, “What a bubble buster.”  At the time I did not really understand why it was a bubble buster.  When you stop daydreaming, your vision and your imagination becomes stagnant.  It doesn’t take long to just become resigned to life and feel that you are stuck in your current circumstances.  It doesn’t have to be this way.


As I have become more aware of the power of imagination, I have learned to empower that beautiful part of me, to give life to my creativity through imagination.  Let go of the adage: “When I see it, I can believe it.”  Why? Because it implies that you have to see the results outside of you, in your physical world reality before you can believe it is possible for you.


Elements of the Mind


Well, let’s take a moment and wonder what it would be like if first you see it happening in your imagination,  in your mind… then you can believe it.  You see, the mind doesn’t known the difference between an imagined experience and a physical experience.  To the mind, it’s all an experience, therefore it’s all real.


As the Olympians and others who accomplish their dreams / visions, it all starts in the vision.  We have been taught to be evidence seekers.  Because of this, our future is stuck with the vision from yesterday.  You envision and imagine through the evidence of your yesterdays. Then you produce the same results all over again. Something important to realize is that yesterday doesn’t have anything to do with tomorrow, except for imagining that it does.


It’s all in the imagination….and therefore it’s all in your reality.  Create an imagination that empowers your dreams, hearts desires, and fill your life with Joy, Peace, and Happiness!  If you can’t imagine it, you can’t have it.




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