I Thought It Was For You!

In my most recent post titled “When The Holidays Aren’t Fun” I truly thought I was creating something that would be a gift for each of you.  The exercise was to let you know that you can change your perspective on life’s circumstances at any moment.  Just by stopping and reconnecting with something you have held dear and precious.  You can actually re-experience anything you want at any time you choose.   And many of you did, while some of you stopped and shared with me your experience.

I have to say… I am the one that has received the gift…and it has come from you.  Your shares have warmed my heart, brought tears of joy to my eyes, and brought back many wonderful things that I have so much enjoyed during the holidays.

At this very moment as I write this post I can smell the cedar of the trees we cut at our farm, I can see the large bright colored lights, Mom’s ornaments hung so perfect and I can see her standing as she carefully places each and every silver tinsel on each limb, making sure it hangs independent of all other items on the tree.  Mom and Dad always did everything they could to make our Christmas special.  They have been gone a long time now but it feels like they are right here!  Thanks for the love!!!

And Thank You for the gift you have shared with me.

Happy Holidays to All.   May your lives be Blessed Beyond Belief!

God Bless You!

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