Life Beyond The Empty Nest

Empty Nest

Have all the chickens flown the coop? I say this tongue in cheek, with a little bit of humor. And I know you may be sitting in a place of sadness or despair. You have spent a great deal of your life raising a family to now see them gone and beginning the next journey…

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Creating Life Balance By Managing Your Life Budget

Broke? Overdrawn? Bankrupt? Feeling like your life is out of balance? Maybe it’s time you take a look at your life budget and make some adjustments and get back on the road of wellness, prosperity and joy. When life is unbalanced in a particular area, often times it becomes unbalanced in all areas and that’s…

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Listening To Your Inner Voice

I want you to take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe. Often times we forget to do that, you know. I want you to put aside what you are doing, your worries and your list of things to get done today. I want you to spend a few moments with yourself and to listen…

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The Boomerang Effect: What You Give You Get Back

You’ve heard the cliché’s: What goes around comes around, Karma is a bitch, What you put out comes back ten-fold. Well I’m there to tell ya, it’s true! Life is like a boomerang effect. What you give, you get back. What You Give You Get Back in your Thinking What you think is what you…

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Everything Is Just Perfect!

Have you ever stopped to think that a mistake can actually be perfection? That every choice you make including the “good” ones and the “mistakes” have all gotten you to where you are now? But maybe you are in a place in life where something is not working. You feel stuck. You want to give…

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A New Beginning On Your Journey of Life

Up until now you’ve been cruising along the road of life. Petal to the metal and taking life and every twist and turn as they come……..but now it’s BRAKES ON! You’ve come to a proverbial “fork in the road.” Stuck, feeling like you don’t know which direction to turn, feeling like you can’t see the…

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Are You Stuck and Wondering, What Do I Do Next?

what do I do

I am overwhelmed! I can’t see past my current chaos! I have a million things to do and can’t get anything done! My to-do list is a mile long and yet I can’t answer the question: “What do I do next?” Sound familiar? Here’s the good news: Just take the next step. It’s the small…

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