Stuck With Hard-to-Make Decisions

Making decisions is a difficult process for so many people. We spend so much energy with hard to make decisions and get swept up in fear, doubt, and confusion. What makes certain decisions so difficult for us?

When these hard to make decision situations occur, what are you afraid of? Do you say to yourself, what if I make the wrong decision? A good way to look at this is to ask yourself this one question. What is the very worst possible thing that could happen when I make this decision?

The problem is not about “what” you are trying to choose between, but rather the suffering and anguish is actually about the decision making process. So the next time you are stuck with that fear or indecisiveness about a hard to make decision, I want you to make a list of the worst things that could possibly happen. Then ask yourself, what was it like for me the last time I tried to make a really hard decision?

What you will begin to see is that the moment you make the choice, the struggle is over. The struggle is in the indecisiveness, it’s a fear of making a wrong choice.

I want you to know that every choice you make is the right choice for you. It might not look like it in the particular moment, but when you look back, you are going to find that every choice you have made is a link to who you are becoming and a link to possibilities that you would have never seen possible.

The indecisiveness is where the suffering is and the decisive decision and making the choice is where the peace is.

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