Launching The Live At Choice Academy

It’s here, the Live At Choice Academy Launch! The Live At Choice Method For Transformation is now available to coaches and therapists around the world. A life coaching program using our methods to help you help your clients to get the life they want!

Who would have ever known what an invitation and request from a dear friend would turn into? I would have never in a million years known or even guessed where that might take me, my family, my career, and my life. One request, one “Yes, I will,” and 6 incredibly powerful milestones. From then until now…

This incredible journey (milestones) glorifies what we teach and use every day, “Doing What’s Next” at its finest. The Live At Choice Academy (Training Academy for the Certification and Licensing of coaches and therapists) represents the 6th milestone in the journey of Live At Choice.

In a nutshell, here is how the Live At Choice journey began and progressed to where we are today… 

Milestone # 1 – In January 1993, an invitation and request was made to Belanie by her dearest friend Joyce Brown to begin training women how to improve their lives both personally and professionally. Belanie accepted that request, and The Unpainted Picture was born. The Unpainted Picture, a life coaching program, helps clients (women only at the time) to understand the foundations of living their best life.

Milestone # 2 – The women of The Unpainted Picture were so successful in their transformation that the men they were in relationship with made their request for the same training. The men’s group of Unpainted Picture was born in January 1998. Women and men in relationship were learning to live their best life together using our life coaching program fundamentals.

Milestone # 3 – Due to the success of the Unpainted Picture, Belanie made the ultimate decision and cut the “Dingy from the Mother Ship,” (a 27-year career in the mortgage lending industry). In January 2003, Beyond Circumstances was born, and what we now know as Live At Choice came to life. We combined both the women and men into one incredible community of like-minded people creating their lives newly. In 2008, Master of The Script was added to bring the methods full circle: 

  • Discovery – Beyond Circumstances
  • Create – Mastery of the Script
  • and Implementation for Life – Unpainted Picture

This created one of the most complete, impactful, and transformational methods for permanent change and a life coaching program for everyone.

Milestone # 4 – “Making Ham Salad” – Being in the moment allowed Belanie to see the next powerful shift to up-level the direction for Live At Choice. She created a duplicatable system for a private one-on-one delivery of Beyond Circumstances, the foundational workshop for Discovery. This workshop provided the opening to the next milestone in Live At Choice’s growth.

Milestone # 5 – Live At Choice’s Platinum Coaches Certification Program for an in-house coaching program and a team was formed in January 2014.  To this day, this team delivers powerful results to the community members of the Live At Choice Advanced Courses.

Milestone # 6 – Today we are delivering on the promise -The Launch. In 1985 through many rough times for Belanie and her family, she made a promise to dedicate her efforts in life to the possibility of all people living powerful lives, with love at the helm and creating as they go. The focus is on helping others bring more love, peace, and happiness to people within their lives, families, jobs, careers, and to live their dreams, and to become a contribution to the world. We have now reached the place to hand up and hand off and bring the Live At Choice Method For Transformation to coaches and therapists around the world. It’s here, it’s time, it’s NOW! The Live At Choice Academy Launch – September 21, 2021.

This post is a tribute to vision, commitment, doing what’s next, and never ever giving up. It is a celebration and acknowledgment to each of the brave, eager, and incredible people who have said YES to this request and are now the founding participants in this milestone launch!  

One milestone opened the door for the next. From one Yes to a request in 1993 to Yes, Yes, Yes…to all the callings, life unfolds. Maybe the Live At Choice Academy is one of your life’s milestones. If so, and you want to know more about how Live At Choice Academy can take you where your vision leads you, please contact us at: Subject: Live At Choice Academy.

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