Get Willing…to have what you want or not!

Today we are going to talk about something called willingness. Willingness is the state of readiness; being prepared to do something. 

In this discussion we are talking about when you are trying to accomplish something or looking for some change to come about in your life, or maybe it’s having a good day or just being peaceful.

There is something very, very important I want you to know about willingness! This is going to sound crazy at first. Really crazy…so just hang in there with me for a minute…

I want you to know that in order for you to have the things you truly desire in your life, you must be willing to have it and also willing to never have it. Yes…you must be willing to have it and also willing to never have it.

I can hear you now! Why would I say I am willing to never have it?

Listen, if you are unwilling to never have it, then you are saying “Yes, I must have this in my life.” I am not willing to not have this thing in my life. If I do not have this thing in my life, I must fight harder and do everything in my power to have this thing. You live your every day facing the problem of reaching this thing. You must have it!

Whenever you must have something, it becomes that carrot on the end of a string dangling in front of you. You keep reaching for it. You keep trying to get to it.

Whether it’s a change in a relationship, the way you want a job to go or any outcome in your life, you must reach the point of – I’m willing to have it. And I’m willing to not have it. That means that you are going to be perfectly fine with or without it.

What I want you to know about the willingness to NOT have it is this…It’s the resistance of not having something in your life that is actually causing you the anguish.

The unwillingness will rob you from seeing some important moment, hearing some important thought, or possibly some opportunity passes by, because you are so locked in to having this thing that you cannot see past it so you cannot see or hear anything other than having it.

So listen, when you are wanting something in your life, ask yourself, am I willing to have it? And am I also willing to not have it?

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