Are You Living Comfortably In The Struggle?

Stop Living Comfortably in the Struggle

I have heard more times than I can count, about one’s continual struggle with an issue. It reminds me of a saying that is often attributed to Albert Einstein, The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

It can be so tiring doing the same thing over and over. The choice to do something different is always there, but often hard to take. One may think that no matter what, it’s not going to change, so why bother. However, if one does not try, it is certain that nothing will change.

Can Struggle Really be Comfortable?

I had a client that had been trying for years to clean up lots of old debt. He tried all different ways to list and track the debt. He used lots of programs to figure out the best way to pay off the debt. He even elicited advice from financial advisors, friends and family.

His mind was consistently thinking about the debt and how he could overcome it. He was making the same amount of money, constantly cutting out the non-essentials, and worried sick about his future. Every day he was checking account balances and staying home to avoid spending any extra money.

He was living day to day in this struggle, unhappy and not able to see his situation changing anytime soon. Sometimes one continues to live in the struggle because it’s comfortable and easier than trying something different. Some might say that by dwelling in the struggle you are creating the struggle just to stay comfortable.

However, doing something different takes courage and may be a little uncomfortable.

It’s Time for Change

I am here to tell you that thinking the same thoughts day in and day out, is definitely not going to change anything. You will just get more of the same. It is possible to change your situation. It takes courage! It takes making a new choice!

Your first step….think different thoughts. Instead of dwelling on the struggle, create a vision of how you want it to be. The first step in any kind of change is to have a thought, even a vision of what you want.

Do it now! Close your eyes and imagine what it could look or feel like. Do you see it?

Now, every time you have thoughts of the struggle, close your eyes and bring this new image to mind and feel the difference. Then….just take a step…and do what’s next. You will notice your “struggle” thoughts begin to change. You will see and feel more thoughts of “I got this!”

This is not an overnight fix. If it were, no one would ever be living in the struggle. It takes time and practice to change your thoughts.

On your own, it may not be easy to see the forest through the trees, think differently and make a different choice, but surrounding yourself with likeminded people can help.

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