Your Mindset is Your Friend

I want you to imagine, if you will, what it would be like if you were able to be really kind to yourself in the way you speak of yourself in your mind. Your successful mindset starts with the chatter you have in your own mind and moreover, the way in which you speak to yourself. Your thoughts are actually driven by things you may or may not even be aware of. I am here to share with you the opportunity to begin to be really kind to yourself and to begin to empower yourself with your own internal thoughts.

This Little Thought Of Mine……

You see, at some point, all of us have this little voice inside of our heads that begin to sneak up on us. I call this little voice our survivor. And although the survivor may appear to be against us, I am here to let you know that your survivor is actually your friend. That’s right, your friend! It serves as that part of you that helps keep protected. It reminds you to look both ways, stop on red, don’t touch the hot pan and things of this sort.
On the flip side of the coin, your survivor is also there constantly talking to you as chatter in your head, dictating your thoughts; and in this case, how you think and speak about yourself. And I am here to support and encourage your self-empowerment. To begin to shift your self-empowerment from something that you have to “work on” to something that becomes who you are, and a natural way of being for and with yourself.

I believe…….

So this survivor…….why is it that your survivor be in place and creating more disempowering thoughts rather than empowering ones? Sit with that for a moment and really look inward in an inquiry about that question. I say that the survivor is actually responding to you based upon your belief system. Take a look at the topics and/or times your survivor is filling your head with negative chatter. Now look to see what your belief are around that topic or issue. Chances are, they are very much in alignment with the chatter you are hearing from your survivor. The ability to see and recognize this kind of connection is very much a part of what we at Live At Choice are able to bring to your awareness. Perhaps, like never before. 

Hearing -vs- Listening……

So my tip for you today is a bit of an exercise I invite you to engage in. The next time you hear this negative, un-loving chatter going on inside your mind, I invite you to stop, take a moment and listen newly. Ask yourself: am I listening to this chatter or am I actually listening? Because when you are listening and engaged with this chatter then you are in some sort of emotional reaction to it.

Ah Ha! ………..

Now imagine that you are in a place in your life where you can actually ask yourself if you are listening or hearing? The difference being that if you are hearing the chatter, you are able to separate yourself from it and act as an observer. :I am hearing this chatter and there must be something in my belief system that has my survivor kick in and send me in a different direction to protect me.” And in doing so, I am unable to freely think and choose how I want to results to turn out. All of this you see, is determined by your beliefs.
So guess what? I have an invitation for you. I would like you to join me for Creating Mindsets For Success. Come join us in this group. In it, I will be breaking down some of these pieces for you and doing a lot more extensive and in-depth training that will show you the difference and the advantages to hearing vs listening to your survivor. In doing so, you can begin to delineate this chatter and begin to act as an observer that allows you to begin to cee and choose freely, your desired outcomes in all that you do!

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