Look What All You (aren’t) Getting Done!

You wake up to the demands of a new day! Work, (for some of you) kids, the daily commute, baseball practice, preparing dinner, the laundry, the bills, the vacation plans…..the list goes on and on! But you have it all handled right!?! You are the Super Multitasker, able to juggle all of these and a myriad of other life demands and responsibilities! Or no? Like many, you may be feeling the overwhelm of the ever-growing list of things to manage, do and accomplish. And, like many others, you may seem confused as to why you never seem to get it all done, have enough time or have time just for you. I am here to help you take a look what all you (aren’t) getting done!

The Illusion:

I want you to know that this whole idea of multitasking is really an illusion. That’s right! While it may APPEAR that you are able to congruently take on and manage multiple things at once, you are actually never truly multitasking at all. With each new task you begin, you deplete your brains ability to accurately and effectively complete the singular task in which you began. We trick ourselves into thinking that if we take on multiple tasks at once, working on several projects simultaneously, that we will actually accomplish more; faster. It’s simply not true.

Take This Simple Test:

In a recent workshop, I had my participants write out the letters of the alphabet A-Z in a straight line across a single piece of paper. I then timed them as I had them write the numbers 1-26 under each corresponding letter to the alphabet A-1 B-2 C-3 etc.

Upon completion of this singular task, they recorded their individual time.

Next, I then asked them to simultaneously “multitask” and write the letters and corresponding numbers at the same time: A-1 B-2 C-3 etc.

Upon completion of the multitasking, their individual times were recorded.

And what do you think the results were? You guessed it! The “multitasking” times actually took longer, for each and every participant.

One Step at A Time:

If you are seeking to get more done, accomplish better results, increase productivity and live a life of ease and joy, the key is to take on simple tasks one at a time. By managing and focusing your time, efforts and resources in the execution and completion of singular tasks, you are able to better create the desired outcomes you are seeking. When you take one step at a time, do what’s next and make conscious choices; your need to rush, juggle and multitask with go away. Your results are more effective time management, desired results and a happier, more joyous life!

Join me for BEYOND CIRCUMSTANCES and let me show you how to create a life that works more effortlessly.

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