Advice Is What You Ask For When You Already Have The Answer

What are the answers you are seeking? And where are you looking for those answers and/or advice as to how to find them? The world is full of people and places to look and get the advice and answers to your simplest and most complex questions. Perhaps you confide in a close friend or family member. Maybe you’ve looked for answers from a psychic, or with the use of Tarot cards or other metaphysical sources. Perhaps you pray and seek advice from a higher source. Maybe you have even written to an advice column. When you seek advice or answers to questions in your life, you are in fact, seeking validation for that which you already know. Because advice is what you ask for when you already have the answer and wish you didn’t.

That’s right! You already have the answers to the questions in your mind.

Now, you may not like what you are seeing or hearing internally, but the answers, I assure you, already reside within you. Have you ever noticed that little voice inside your head? For many, it’s constantly going, constantly directing and redirecting, sometimes empowering you and your choices, sometimes self-sabotaging you and your spirit, in an effort to keep you away from pain or to protect you from what that something inside you may not want to experience. The voice that already has the answers.. is your Higher Self. It’s your observer. And it’s always watching. In this, it stores all of your experiences and it is a powerful source from which you can tap into to find the answers you think you need from an outside source.

They are not you!

It is impossible for someone else to tell you what is right for you. Aside from the obvious reasons that they are not you, they are not walking in your shoes and are their own person; no one can truly give you the advice and answers that are uniquely suited for you because they see life in a particular way and you see life the way you see it, which is exclusively and uniquely your own perspective. When you seek advice and answers from others other than yourself, you are getting answers and advice based upon how that person has experienced life in similar situations. Those situations however are circumstances that are unique to their story. Further, its never about circumstances anyway! Rather, the way each individual person interprets their circumstances is what makes an experience unique. It is impossible to get advice and answers for your life based upon someone else’s interpretation of the meaning of a circumstance.

Look Inward!

When you can look inward for the advice and answers to your questions, you will begin to see that they lie within you and are the most authentic and true answers for you. Now, you may not know how to listen for them, or once you hear them, you may not be able to see how to use them for your higher purpose, but I am here to help you see them regardless. These answers already exist, and they exist within you. And this may surprise you, but they live in a place you might not think. No….not your toes! The answers you seek and the answers that dwell within you lie in a place perhaps you have disconnected from. A place you keep guarded and/or sheltered, a place unseen. Join me for Beyond Circumstances and let me lead you back to the place within yourself that will unleash unimaginable love, happiness, joy and zest for life! Let me lead you back to the place and time where you listened and trusted yourself. You had the answers and you knew how to access them and use them. Let me lead you back to you and the answers you already know.

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