Life Is A Game Of Inches

Life is a game of inches. We just had the Big Game. The Super Bowl. And I can’t help but be reminded that much like the game of football, life too is a game of inches. Regardless of whether your team played in the greatest game of all, there is much to be enjoyed and much to be learned from the gridiron and the similarity to life itself.

Huddle Up!

Do you have a plan? Which direction are you headed in life? When was the last time you stopped to access where you are, where you are going and where you want to be. To create and experience of the life you want, you must first be able to see it, create it and take the action to achieve it. This all starts with first huddling up and determining just what it is you would like to live and experience in life, then doing what is next for it to happen. Life is a game of inches and every choice, action and decision you make impacts what your reality looks like. Your choices determine your reality. And in the game of inches, each and every choice you make can be the difference in experiencing a life you desire and one that is less than what you desire. It’s important to have a vision, create a plan, make the choice and to then take action.

4th and Goal!

In the game of inches, sometimes you find yourself in a 4th and goal situation. Meaning: sometimes you are in a pinch, up against a deadline, are at a fork in the road or find yourself in a situation that your very next move I can change everything that happens. And guess what?! You are right. Each and every choice and decision you make will, in some way, effect those things that come next. Now, I am not trying to scare you into thinking that your next decision will effect the rest of your life. Simply put, each choice you make will simply lead you to what’s next. There is a direct correlation between your choices and your outcomes. And your choices matter. Do you take them seriously? Are you aware that they count? When you are able to see the direct affect that your choices and decisions make upon the reality you experience, you are able to make choices from a different perspective, and perhaps for the first time, make them from a place of conscious choice, that leads to favorable outcomes you desire. Treat each choice as if it matters,as if it were 4th and goal, and you will begin to see a significant shift in the outcomes of your choices.


SCORE! Celebrate in your accomplishments! When you are able to envision the outcomes you desire, create the outcomes in your mind before they are present in your reality, huddle and make a plan, take action and do what’s next and treat each and every decision like it matters, and realize that your choices directly determine your outcomes and realities; then you are able to be in the experience of winning! You are in the experience of the desired outcomes of your creations. I am here to show you how to do it! To cheer you on along the way! To be your “coach” in the process of transforming your life into all the wins!

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