Life Is But A Dream

One day I was sitting in my office and one of my favorite childhood songs came into my mind. For seemingly no reason. Ha! But as you might expect, “everything has a reason!” It was during a particularly “trying” time for me. I had a lot of work to do, a million places to be and a lot of “to do’s” to check of my list. I had a sense that I was trying to swim upstream. Have you ever been there? As I sat humming the song in my office, I began to pay particular attention to the words and the meaning to the song. What I was able to see was nothing short of inspiring, miraculous and instrumental at how I saw life from that moment on. I’d like to share this with you.

Row, Row, Row YOUR boat.

I have a question for you. Who’s boat have you been rowing? How much of other’s needs, desires, life and expectations have you been rowing? For how long have you been trying to row someone else’s boat? What outcomes have you experienced for yourself and others as a result of rowing their boat? Have you been trying to make someone do something? Be something? Have you been living someone else’s life through your own lense of how they or their life “should” be? All too often I see people who are not rowing their own boat, but rather, someone else’s. The results have led to an overwhelming sense of exhaustion and helplessness. That’s because you can’t row someone else’s boat. You can only row the boat your in; your boat!

GENTLY DOWN the stream.

I want you to notice the enormous amount of energy you exude by trying to row your boat. More often times that not, you are not only rowing at a FURIOUS pace, but you are rowing UPSTREAM! Yes! You are no doubt, exhausted! What I want you to see is that life works MUCH more effortlessly when you are able to GENTLY row your boat DOWNstream!

Go with the flow! When you are able to do so, life begins to work! Things ARE exactly how they ARE, yes? Then go in the direction of the flow. Stop RESISTING! Stop trying to MAKE things be different. If you are experiencing outcomes that are not in alignment with your desired results, we will work on that! I am here to show you that when you live in harmony with what IS and not in resistance, you are able to see possibilities. When you are able to see possibilities, EVERYTHING becomes available to you.

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily……

Row your boat with joy! When you do so, you create joy and happiness in your life! BE happy! BE joyous! BE love! To create the life you desire you must first BE all of that which you desire. When you are able to row your boat through life from a place of MERRY, you can’t help but create circumstances that are filled with merry and wonder, love and joy, happiness and wonder! You get exactly that which you think, imagine, speak, create and do. So why not row your boat in such a way that the rowing is effortless, joyful and toward all you desire?

I am so excited to help you to see that LIFE IS BUT A DREAM! Join me for Beyond Circumstances by clicking here and learn how to begin to see, create and experience life newly. I will give you the opportunity to row your boat with an entirely new way of being. One that allows you experience life for yourself, effortlessly and in the experience of pure joy!

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