When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left!

Does it seem sometimes like nothing is going right for you in life? No matter how hard you try or no matter what you do, nothing goes right? Not to worry, you unfortunately, are not alone.

Time and time again I meet people who just cant “catch a break” and seemingly, no matter what they do, nothing ever “goes right” for them. The good news is, I can help you see what has you in the place you are in, with the feelings you have and the resolutions and outcomes you desire! Let’s put on the brakes, and go left!

What do I mean, go left? Simply, what may be needed for you right now is a change in direction. A change in the way you normally see things. A change in the way you may be going about your day. And most certainly, a change in the way your thoughts are dictating your actions. These actions lead to the results you are currently experiencing. When something isn’t “going right” then what is needed is a shift in your direction. And moreover, your mindset.

Going left is a change in the way you think.

See, your thoughts dictate the actions you are taking and your actions are getting you the same results you have always gotten. When you say and believe that “nothing ever goes right” then what you experience is a whole lot of things that never go right. When all you can see is that which isn’t working, you are calling forth to you more things that don’t work. It’s a snowball effect, really. One thing leads to another and to another and to another, and before you know it, life itself is a complete unworkability.

When you begin to see that your thoughts are effecting your results, you are able to shift, go left.  Then have new thoughts, take new actions and get new results. And that’s what you want right? That’s why you are here? You want to see things and experience things in a whole new way. And I will show you how. When you are able to make a shift, change things up, when you are willing to make a left turn and deviate from that which you already know and are safe and familiar with, you open up the opportunity for greater things in your life. By making the left turn when nothing is going right, you open your mind to new possibilities.  Along with new thoughts and beliefs, new actions and new choices. In making these new choices, you set your life’s course in a new direction. No matter how small or how big, and the new direction leads you to new outcomes.

Are you ready to shift? Are you ready to throw away your trusted roadmap and GPS and turn left? Thus far, it hasn’t been working going right..right!?!?! What do you have to lose? Better yet, what do you have to gain!?!?! 

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