Cinderella Is Proof That A New Pair Of Shoes Can Change Your Life!

Are you having a ball? Like, are you REALLY having fun and enjoying life to it’s fullest? If not, why not? What is standing in your way of living in pure happiness, joy and bliss? And are you ready to make a shift, change your life from how you’ve been doing things and to experience all that you desire? If so…I am here to show you how. And sometimes, all you need is a new pair of shoes!

That’s right! A new pair of shoes!

Often times, it’s the little things in life that make a difference. When was the last time you did a little something just for you? All too often, I hear stories about the endless and tireless efforts that people go through making sure that they are pleasing others in their lives. Making sure their spouse is happy, the boss is contempt, the children are taking care of, and the like. But rarely do I find that people take the time to love and take care of themselves, self-nurture and make sure that they too are taken care of.

Like Cinderella, a new pair of shoes can have a huge impact on your day, and may even change your life! When you take the time to do something for you, you trigger a whole new chain of events that can lead to wonderful things! I once had a member of our community who finally gave in and did something just for herself. She had spent so long taking care of others that she didn’t even know where to begin. I told her “Go buy yourself a new purse or a new pair of shoes!” After a little reluctancy , she gave in and did just that. She went down to Macy’s, tried on several pair of shoes before deciding upon a pair of red heels. With each pair she tried on, she also became more and more aware of the charming salesman that was helping her, and his elongated glance and growing smile. As she checked out with her new shoes, he asked if she would have dinner with him sometime, to which she replied “yes” and the rest, as they say, is history.

So maybe you already have Prince Charming.  There’s other places to change your life.

Maybe you are not looking to go to the ball. My point in simply this; when you take the time to honor yourself, to nurture and look after you, in the midst of daily life, miracles happen. When you create the place in your life to nurture yourself, you also create the space for others to nurture you as well. If what you desire is to experience love, joy, bliss and happiness, you must first create this for yourself, which then allows others to step into that space for you as well.

So next time you have a moment, I want you to stop and think of YOU!

Maybe go take yourself to a nice lunch. Treat yourself to a round of golf, a spa day, a weekend getaway or a new pair of shoes. You will be amazed at how you feel inside and how that inner feeling radiates outwardly to the world around you. I promise you, you will also begin to see those people and things around you differently. You don’t need a Fairy Godmother or a magic wand. Just take a little time for you and be amazed at the results you experience. To lean more about how to experience the joy you desire, join me for my free online training, Rules Mastery. CLICK HERE

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