All Is Calm, All Is Bright

With the holidays upon us it’s easy to become frantic and overwhelmed with the demands of the season. In addition to life’s everyday routine, the holidays can be particularly stressful for some due to struggles with scheduling, longer lines everywhere and for some; the struggle to make ends meet. Through all of holiday happenings, being calm can seem nearly impossible. I’m here to share with you the possibility that even in the midst of the rush, you can be calm.

Here are a few hints that can carry you through stress all the way to peace and calm.

Helpful Hint # 1. Don’t Resist

As soon as you pick up on the chatter in your mind and find it is leading you into thoughts of worry, fear, anxiousness acknowledge that it’s happening.  Acknowledging that the chatter is just chatter will help you realize that it’s not really something happening but rather the chatter that has you in the spin. Often times people try to stop the thoughts, try to make them go away.  I find that to be resistance of them happening.  It really doesn’t work to TRY to make them go away.  Resistance just brings about more resistance and before you know it, you are headed down hill into an emotional spiral.

Helpful Hint # 2   Don’t Drown Before You Get To the Water!

Ask yourself, what am I not wanting to have happen right now.  This hint is about allowing yourself to get back in the moment and get out of the anticipation of some future event.  The worry about something that isn’t actually happening either from the past or the future is life waisted.  Unwarranted fear!  Focus entirely on the present and release any and all worry.  In your minds eye see yourself free of the worry, just let go.

Helpful Hint # 3  Make a new choice.

Believe it or knot, getting relief of anxiety and fear is a matter of making a new choice in the moment.  You may be thinking this is too simple, however it is what must happen in order to move to the mindset so you can create a difference experience.  You see, what’s happening in the upset is a creation of the experience of upset.  

It’s a practice of all three of these hints that will begin to put you in control of your thoughts rather than your thoughts running your day.  Decide how you want it to be and then visualize that as being what is real.

The circumstances around you may be very real, and your have a choice of how you feel, respond and react to them.  

These 3 helpful hints will shift your reality in the moment and leave you in a state of calmness.

Your state up overwhelm and anxiousness comes from inside you, and as soon as you shift your thinking from “it’s happening to you, and see that no matter what is happening you can determine your reaction, you will be free.”  

By the way, this practice can change your life all year round, not just during the holidays.

I invite you to begin to live your life from a place of calm. To live from your authentic self. Anyplace free of upset and overwhelm. 

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