LUCKY For You, There Ain’t No Such Thing As LUCK!

You’ve rubbed all the fur off that poor rabbit’s foot charm. Your knees are stained green from all the searching you’ve been doing for that 4-leaf clover. And “if it weren’t for bad luck, you’d have no luck at all!”

I know, I know, you “never win anything”, “everyone else is so darn lucky” and for as long as you can remember, “you’ve just been down on your luck.” Well, have I got news for you: There ain’t no such thing as luck!

What I want you to see is that what you experience is a direct result of what you speak. “I never win anything” gets you NOT WINNING ANYTHING. “Luck” is an illusion. What’s so is,  people experience that which they declare. They experience that which they call forward to them. What they DECLARE.  You are “declaring” all day long every single day.  The problems is you don’t realized that your “mind is not private.”  Seriously, it’s not.  Your thoughts travel and most of all they create.  What I mean is your thoughts bring things into your life.

I want to share a story with you: A few years back I attended a networking event and during the event they sold raffle tickets for door prizes. There were a lot of people there and they sold lots of tickets.  I bought a few and as the time came to draw the tickets for the prizes, I took out my tickets and right before the first drawing I yelled to the crowd “that’s mine!” And they called my number. Few minutes later they held up the next prize and I again publicly declared and again, “that’s mine!” they drew my number. You might imagine the gasps and responses from the people in the room. FIVE PRIZES AND FIVE DECLARATIONS later, I left the event with ALL FIVE DOOR PRIZES! Luck? NO! I DECLARED I WAS THE WINNER!

What you DECLARE to be yours will be yours. What you DECLARE is not yours will not be yours. Either way, you are accurate! So what are you DECLARING? I will show you how to get a grasp on your “LUCK” mindset. Learn how to use it as a game, you’ll be amazed at your results! Join us for our free online training, Rules Mastery by CLICKING HERE.

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