Resisting Change

“You miss 100% of the shots you never take” ~ Wayne Gretzky

Playing it close to the vest means…being limited.  Resisting change is the key into the doorway of failure.  

One thing I can say about myself is I have taken a lot of chances in my life.  I go on to say that the biggest majority of those risks have played out as very good risks, with a few…well not so good.  However, one thing I can see clearly is that 100% of the time everything I have stretched and done has created change.  

I have found in working with 1000’s of clients that risk and chance, are both followed by change and lots of people just don’t want to come up against that.  Basically, there is a reason to stay where you are and not take on any thing different.  However, the reason is grounded in fear.  So rather than facing the fear, you settle for less.

Are You Settling For Less?

How long are you willing to sit on the sidelines of your life?  While life is happening all around you, how long are you willing to remain frozen?  Stuck?  Unwilling to choose change when that is exactly what has to come next?  

Continuing to do nothing, or the same thing that you have been doing and expecting a different result?  Notice, your RESISTANCE to change is what has you stuck, not the change itself. People say to me, “Belanie, I don’t like change.”   Liking or not liking it is irrelevant, change is just a new set of circumstances.  That’s it and we have made it some big scary thing.  People change their mind, directions, their residence, you name it, change is taking place all the time.  

By resisting it, you cheat yourself of the possibility of all that lies ahead of you. When you resist change, you stay exactly where you are and you get the same results you’ve always gotten.

When you begin to see that with change comes possibility, you are then able to create newly from a new perspective. Stop giving change power. It means nothing. It’s neither good nor bad. It just is.

Change is just what’s next. It’s just another choice for a new direction. Living right around the corner are some of the newest and greatest miracles you have yet to experience. Choose it, come and let me show you how!

I can and I will help you see just around the corner as to what is available for you, then I will teach you how to bring it into your life.  You have far more waiting for you than you can even imagine.  

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