Overcoming Your Upsets

Have you ever noticed that there are particular areas in your life that seem to trigger upset for you?  Then I ask you, have you ever noticed that those same area’s don’t really trigger others?  That very question is where curiosity lead me to investigate what causes this to happen. Why would it be like that?  It seemed to me that if something upsets one person, then rationally it seems it should be the source of upset for others….my findings have changed my life and those of thousands of others.

So, let’s look at the areas of life where you get triggered, they might show up as small things like someone not emptying the dishwasher or it might be a larger circumstance like an “irritating boss.” Regardless of the circumstance in your life that you think is at cause of your upset, I want you to know it is never the person or circumstance out there that is at cause. The upset can only come from within you.

I can hear you now: “But he/she did this to me!” And while it may look like the cause of your upset is coming at you from the outside, this is never, never the case. Upset can only be generated from within you and is the experience you are creating when you are in resistance to the circumstance.  I want you to see that life comes through you, not at you.

Everything you experience in life is a result of how you see and create life. When you are able to see that life isn’t out to get you, but rather, life is simply responding to your beliefs, thoughts and actions.

Further, you then create how you react to your circumstances. Have you ever noticed that the same circumstances can be happening for two people at the same time, yet the way in which the individuals react to those circumstances are often times very different? How can that be so? It is so because it’s never about the events that are taking place, rather, the way in which you react or respond to them.

To overcome upset, you must first see that you are creating the experience you are having about the circumstances. Upset is an experience you are creating out resistance to the circumstance.  When you can see this, the resistance to the situation begins to diminish. It is in letting go of the resistance to what is so that peace is possible. I am not suggesting you have to “like it.” I am suggesting that the pain you are feeling is in the resistance to what’s so.

Are you ready to be free of upsets? Are you ready to learn how to create a life of joy and peace and free of resistance to the things you create in your life that “don’t work?” I look forward to showing you how you can live in the space of joy and begin to face life’s challenges from a whole new perspective and then creation of a new experience becomes automatic.

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