Creating Life Balance By Managing Your Life Budget

Broke? Overdrawn? Bankrupt? Feeling like your life is out of balance? Maybe it’s time you take a look at your life budget and make some adjustments and get back on the road of wellness, prosperity and joy. When life is unbalanced in a particular area, often times it becomes unbalanced in all areas and that’s when the feelings of overwhelm creep in, and your life budget becomes depleted.

Life Balance and Your Life Budget: Health/Wellness

When your life budget is out of balance in the area of health and wellness, you greatly limit your ability to function at capacity in all other areas of your life. Taking care of your health and wellness provides the foundation to having joy and happiness in abundance. Your sleeping, diet, spiritual and emotional wellbeing is crucial to supporting your overall experience to life. What steps are you taking now to balance this area of your life? What is stopping you from creating a well-balanced outlook and approach to taking care of you FIRST?

Life Balance and Your Life Budget: Money

Depleting yourself in the area of money and finance is often times the outcome of how you look and view yourself in relationship to money. Are you currently in the negative? Do you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck, wondering how you are going to make ends meet? What are your views on money? I will tell you that the circumstances you are currently experiencing are a direct result on your thoughts and beliefs on money. I will help you get to your underlying beliefs that have you take the actions you take that result in the imbalance you are currently experiencing. Abundance and prosperity are possible in the area of money and finances. A sift in your thoughts/mindset  will be the first step in your journey to creating balance and freedom in this area of your life.

Life Balance and Your Life Budget: Relationships

Are you always the giver? Do you feel like relationships are a drain on your life and you often feel depleted and empty? When your life budget is out of balance in the area of relationship, it’s never about those with whom you are in relationship with. There are many reasons why you do the things you do. Your choices and behaviors in the area of relationships are driven by underlying beliefs that are making your choices and decisions for you. When you begin to see that relationships are 100% your responsibility and those that show up in your life are a direct creation of what you attract, you can then begin to create relationships that work. When relationships work, they are effortless. And with effortlessness comes the experience of pure love, joy and happiness. Balance is then realized.

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