Everything Is Just Perfect!

Have you ever stopped to think that a mistake can actually be perfection? That every choice you make including the “good” ones and the “mistakes” have all gotten you to where you are now? But maybe you are in a place in life where something is not working. You feel stuck. You want to give up. I want you to know that everything is just perfect.

Where You Are: Everything is Just Perfect

Here’s an example of what I mean: Let’s say that today you decide you want to complete a project or create a new goal for yourself within a certain timeframe. You start off toward that goal with a certain future accomplishment in mind. You see your path and begin to take action. You have the right mindset in place to achieve your goal. Then suddenly something goes wrong, your plan backfires and you get thrown off track. Like many, you may start to beat yourself up, believe you can’t reach your goal and maybe even give up? And I’m telling out that everything is perfect the way it is!

Looking Back: Everything is Just Perfect

What if the mistake along the way to your goal had to happen in order for you to actually have what you wanted? Have you ever stopped and looked back upon your life and thought about the things that got you where you are today? This is what I am talking about. Certainly, not every step along the way has been without mistake. It’s that inclusion of the mistakes that have occurred in your life that has you exactly where your life is today. It’s all been perfect. Perfect in the sense that all if it has contributed to where you are today.

Looking Forward: Everything is Just Perfect

When you are able to see that everything is just perfect the way it is, possibility is available. By accepting that mistakes too are perfect, you are able to free yourself of the sabotaging thoughts that clutter your mind, occupy space in your head and prevent you from seeing what to do next. Things may not go the way you have planned. And when you stop resisting how things are and allow things to be, you free yourself of the chains of form and begin to see new opportunities. You have not yet seen how to do this. You don’t have the resources currently to let go. And that’s ok. You are going to be ok. Everything is just perfect…….come find out how to let go and have all that you dream of.

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