Canvas for Life. Painting Your Colorful Masterpiece.

I want you to imagine that your life is one giant canvas. And that canvas is made up of millions of different tiny puzzle pieces. And as you imagine all of these pieces of puzzle, imagine that some of them are colored in and full of life, while others are blank and yet to be realized.  And as you look at your canvas for life, I want you to know this: every day is a new day and every moment is a new moment. And you are always creating.

Canvas for Life: Your Thoughts Are Your Paintbrush

I want you to see that your thoughts dictate how life looks for you. It’s your thoughts that bring all of the color into your life. With each new stroke of your brush, you are constantly painting your reality. As you look at all of the colorful pieces of the puzzle on your canvas for life, they have all been created first in your mind.

Canvas for Life: The Colors Are Limitless

On your canvas for life, there are limitless possibilities in painting your picture just the way you want it. The colors and possibilities from which to choose are as limitless as your own thoughts and imagination. Your canvas, made up of tiny pieces of the puzzle, allows you to paint each piece newly, in each moment of each day.

Canvas for Life: What Pieces Will You Paint Today?

It’s not important that you try to make today’s piece fit into a larger picture necessarily. Rather, I want you to see each piece and each day as a new possibility, and the colors you choose today, based upon your thoughts and how you see life today, are limitless. Each piece will serve a unique purpose to your life that’s true, and painting and creating each piece in each moment will ultimately create the masterpiece of your life. So what piece will you paint today?

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