A New Beginning On Your Journey of Life

Up until now you’ve been cruising along the road of life. Petal to the metal and taking life and every twist and turn as they come……..but now it’s BRAKES ON! You’ve come to a proverbial “fork in the road.” Stuck, feeling like you don’t know which direction to turn, feeling like you can’t see the options ahead of you. Well here is the good news! There are no dead ends, only new beginnings. And with every opportunity to make a choice in life, a new beginning is possible.

A New Beginning: Look How Far You’ve Come

What I want you to see is that you are where you are based upon the choices you’ve made up until this very moment. Maybe you’ve been working towards a goal. Maybe you are creating something new and exciting in your life. You’ve been moving along with everything going great and now you feel like you’ve plateaued, aren’t making progress, and asking “where do I go now?” I want you to see that where you are is perfect and appropriate. It is in this space that insights are possible. Being in the space you are in now gives you the opportunity to say “wow, look how far I’ve come” and to realize that new opportunities await you from this point moving forward!

A New Beginning: Left or Right are Both Alright

Now it’s time to simply make a choice. As you face this fork in the road, simply choose what’s next. Do you turn left, do you turn right? Either direction you choose, everything is going to be ok! This is the moment of opportunity. This is the moment to take that which you are working on, driving toward and to elevate yourself to what’s available. By having faith that either direction, either choice you make will be perfect and offer you a new beginning. One of my favorite ideals and quotes I share with my participants is “Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death.” Have faith in your choices. You  really are going to be ok.

A New Beginning: It’s All Part of the Same Journey

You are on your life’s journey, are you not? So enjoy every moment. Even this moment is an opportunity. Rather than looking at it as a dead end road, begin to see it as a new beginning. Not a do over, not a restart, simply the launching point to all of the amazing things that will follow. I want you to know that whichever route you take, whichever choice you make from this point moving forward; it is all part of the same journey. You are going to arrive at your destination. It’s up to you to choose which path you will take and all of the awesomeness you will see, create and experience along the way.

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