Are You Stuck and Wondering, What Do I Do Next?

I am overwhelmed! I can’t see past my current chaos! I have a million things to do and can’t get anything done! My to-do list is a mile long and yet I can’t answer the question: “What do I do next?” Sound familiar? Here’s the good news: Just take the next step. It’s the small one’s that make the difference.

I bet you might be thinking: “But I don’t know what the next step is!?!” That’s because you are trying to solve a problem and I’m asking you to “JUST DO WHAT’S NEXT!”

Answering the question “What do I do next?” starts with freeing yourself from the chatter that’s taking place in your mind. It’s the chatter in your mind, driven by fear, that creates the feeling of being stuck, blocked and in a state of overwhelm.

In this state, the chatter in your head puts you in the state of mind of not knowing what to do. When you are in this state of mind, you can’t see what’s possible.

3 Easy Steps To Move From “What Do I Do Next?” to “Just Do What’s Next!”

Step #1 Acknowledge That YOU are Creating FEAR

When you acknowledge that you are creating the fear, you are able to begin the process of seeing more clearly. It’s because of this self-generated fear that you feel stuck and are living in your current state of upset. 

Step #2 Envision the Outcome That You Desire

Take a moment and imagine what it will be like when the project, problem or situation you are trying to resolve is completed.  Now, envision what that looks like.  See it in technicolor, know what it feels like to have it. Perhaps it’s a new job or a breakthrough in the area of relationships. Begin to focus on the outcome you wish to have and then…

Step #3  Let Go and “Just Do What’s Next”

Whatever comes to mind for you in the moment, DO THAT!  Maybe what’s next for you in the moment is to make an important phone call. Perhaps it’s to take a shower, prepare a cup of coffee or spend some time with your children, or pet the cat!  I can’t say enough… “JUST DO WHAT’S NEXT! That means anything that comes to mind…go do that!

When you let go and do what’s next, you release the need to find the answer to that which you are struggling with. It is through this release that the “Ah-Ha” moments of clarity surface.   When you have clarity, the “ah-ha” moments will lead you in the right direction and will reveal to you, “what to do next.”

Maybe Just Make Ham Salad

I found myself stuck one day trying to figure out how to put together a successful coaching team.  I realized I was creating fear and upset. So, I  stopped fretting and began to imagine what it would be like to have a full blown coaching program. Then, I just did what was next.  I made lunch.  While I was chopping eggs for ham salad, out of nowhere I saw exactly what I needed to do. 

I grabbed a pen and the closest thing I could find to write on; a brown paper bag, ripped it open, laid it on the kitchen table and began laying out the entire coaching program.

I want you to see that all I did was, ACKNOWLEDGE THE FEAR, ENVISION THE OUTCOME AND JUST DID WHAT’S NEXT!  I find that most people have the hardest time stopping the upset and envisioning their desired outcome.  So, I am teaching an online training on exactly how to do that. 

Click HERE to find out more on HOW TO JUST DO WHAT’S NEXT!


  1. Bo Johnson on October 24, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    Thanks for this timely post.
    I’m currently overwhelmed with many things in many different directions. What to do first? Which separate list to tackle first?
    Great article. Envision my outcome(s).

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