The Secret to Success Lies Within You!

Have you ever wondered about the secret to success? Why some people seem successful while others, perhaps yourself, seem to struggle with success? Well I have a secret for you: you are the creator of your own success! Any everything in your life is a product of that creation. Maybe you are saying to yourself, “Wait, there are things in my life that aren’t working, things that I wish were different, things that I don’t even like and I wish I could change.” Well guess what? As the creator of your success, you have been 100% successful in creating those things too!

I ask you to consider this: What if everything, EVERYTHING that shows up in your life has shown up exactly like you have created it. No matter if you view your life as a success or failure, you are where you are in life based upon the sum of all the choices you have made up to this point. So, if that’s true, everything you seek to have different in your life will be as a result of the choices you make from this moment forward.

Others are not the Secret to Success.

Often times we think that the secret to success is realized by the influence of others. “He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth” or “She was able to go to a prestigious university.” “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” those kinds of things.  I’m telling you that NOTHING that you have in your life is a result of anyone else. Everything in your life is based upon the successful execution of your choices to have it be that way.

The Secret to Success ain’t luck!

The secret to success doesn’t lie in winning the lottery! Oh sure, you may have short term gains, the ability to buy your dream house, maybe travel around the world. But success of any kind never comes from any form of luck. True success is the result of the way you look at life, your mindset, and the beliefs, thoughts and actions that create the reality and results that you truly wish to experience in life. As the creator of your own success, you are the one that gets to have life exactly as you choose. And that’s bigger than any lottery payoff! And a whole lot less taxes!

Unleash the secret of success within you!

You may be thinking, “But how do I realize and create the secret to success you’re speaking of?” As I mentioned, you already are. You are here, in this place at this time because of all of the choices you have made until now. Nothing on the outside has gotten you to where you are today, it has all come from within. And the really exciting news is, you will continue to create your life moving forward. The secret to success lies within you. Moment by moment you are successfully creating what’s next.

The secret to success is no secret at all. You have had the power all along to create a life of joy, happiness, abundance and success. You just have not been taught how to access that power. Today is a new day. The opportunity is to see newly and create for yourself a lifetime of success beyond your wildest dreams.

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