Cherish Every Moment

Cherish every moment, there is no moment better than THIS moment to commit to living in the present.  Each and every hello, goodbye and everything in between can be filled with love.  You are not promised anything…you can’t count on one single moment more other than the one you are in.  That’s it!

As fast as your next breath, it could all be over for you or them and there is no taking it back.  You could read this as morbid or a wake up call.  You get to choose!  Everyone and everything is merely a gift, they are all loaned to you, each and everyone in your life. 

So…what do you really want in life?  Foster your upset, fuel the anger, or do you choose to cherish each moment?  To create the joy and see the love, even in those moments when you are not receiving it from another? 

I remember when we lost our grandson over 10 years ago.  I kissed him goodbye in my living room…but I didn’t take that extra step.  See, we always walk people to our door when they are leaving. I just didn’t do it that time and it was the last time I ever saw him.  I remember hearing in my minds chatter, “you didn’t walk him out.”  I was always sorry about that. 

How do you show your love when you do those little things that matter?  Look for all the small things you “always” do and remember, just do them. 

Imagine this…there are 60 sec in a min, 60 min in an hour; 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year, let’s say 40 yrs of your life remain, that makes: 1,261,440,000 moments in your remaining lifetime and if you see each one as the only one you have left, and you truly spent every moment as if it were the last… then the worst thing that could come of all this is you having 1,261,440,000 moments of love. And you living out every moment with everyone you love!!!!!! Go for it!!!!!  It’s JUST A CHOICE! 

Find out why you get stuck in your circumstances of life, stay in upsets, and fail to stay present to the love.  I can not only show you why, I can show you how to live beyond your circumstances.       


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