Your Ripple Effect

During the Unpainted Picture Advanced Course Event we talked about “your ripple effect.” I am pretty certain that most people don’t pay a lot of attention to the vast impact they have in the world.

One smile, one kind word, one share, one gift … all create a ripple effect. I call this the Power of the Greatness Of One. Think about how many people you pass, speak to, work with, live with and remotely come into contact with on a daily basis. As often said, one random act of kindness makes a difference! So does one random act of unkindness.

Look at the ripples in the photo. I was astonished at what I saw! What I want you to know is when I shot this photo, the largest circles of ripples were all that were in the camera lens. I could only see the immediate impact of the object as it hit the water.

It was only after I shot the photo that I could see that it actually caused “4 sets” of ripples. The energy created by one action moves way beyond our naked eye. It touches the lives and hearts of hundreds, which then each energy echo creates new ripples. Look closely at the photo, it’s not just rows and rows of ripples, it has actually created different sets of rows of ripples. Just Imagine your reach!

You see, you are the only one that can cause YOUR RIPPLE EFFECT. And your energy is always creating it, lovingly or not. How big are your ripples and what energy do they bring?

There are lots of things that you can point to in a day that you might say, “drag you down,” then the chatter of negativity begins in your thoughts.  Soon after, it comes out through your speaking and actions.

My free online training will give you tips on how to reverse the effects. Learn how to be the ripple in the world that you want to be.

Make your ripple big and fill it with kindness! (More info)

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