I Changed My Mind

I changed my mind and so can you.  I used to think that the best way to have something be different in my life, was to change my mind or just make an exit; bail out of circumstances I didn’t like.  I never realized I could “literally change my mind.”  I mean, change the way I think and watch circumstances change right before my eyes.

Well, I am here to tell you that is more than possible it is an opportunity of a lifetime.  I also thought that, “I was the one that always had to change.”  Well, then I realized that changing the way I think had nothing to do with me “having to change.”  There is over 10,000,000 blogs and an average of 10,000,000 Google searches a month on the topic of mindset.

I think there is something to this.  People, in general, are “getting it” that they can do something about the way their lives turn out.  And for 33 years, I have been doing something about it in my own life.

Just the simple word “AWARENESS” has changed my life and the life of thousands through the Live at Choice Programs.   That’s a fact!!!  

So, I share with you the power of mind A.W.A.R.E.N.E.S.S. 

A. Attention – Listen to your thoughts – stay present.

W. Willingness – Let go and release thoughts that don’t serve you, they aren’t real.

A.  Atonement – Stop the judgement of self and others – through forgiveness.

R. Remembrance – Connect with self and with the knowingness that is within you.

E. Expansion – Expand your beliefs that empower you.

N. Now – Live in the now, not yesterday, not tomorrow.

E. Embrace – It all! Resist Nothing!

S. See – Into your ability even before it’s your reality!

S. Simple – It’s all simple…”difficult” and “hard” are created by you.

When you subscribe to the possibility of AWARENESS in this context, you are setting yourself up in the journey of a new reality.  One that is filled with life change, and you don’t have to change who you are to get it.  In fact, you will have more of the authentic you than ever before.

Enjoy! Play with it and have FUN, always.  Change Your Mind, Too!

Here’s to your Awareness!

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