I Figured It Out!

I figured it out.  I truly believe that we are all gifted.  I also believe that we all receive the same amount of possibility.  What I have been puzzled with for many years is why does it seem that people often feel they are lacking something?  Some piece of something that others have, but they don’t?

I have a new visual and clarity, and, just this week in working with one of my clients, I got to see the abstract of this “missing piece.”  My experience with people is that many often feel they were born some gift or talent, and that was it.  Meaning that they are good at something because they got the gift of that talent or ability, yet they are left out in other areas.  I hear all the time, “Well when they passed out good looks, I was in the wrong line.”  Or something like, “When they passed out brains, I thought they said names and I got in the wrong line.”

Then I find they wish they had the other talents or abilities, and they suffer because they can’t figure out how to become something they see themselves lacking.

I also see them suffer with guilt because, after all, “I should be ashamed” because I don’t appreciate enough of what ‘gift’ I did get.”

In the example of my client, what she saw is that her box of puzzle pieces (500 pieces) is 45% in smart and intelligence.  So everything else: body, beauty, relationship ability, artistic talent, everything there was to complete out her life is being shared over the remaining 55% of her puzzle picture.  Therefore, she feels insufficient to make change and create in the other areas of her life.  She felt helpless and unable to have happiness in these other areas of her life.

Here’s A Great Exercise To Explore

  • Imagine your life is made up of 500 puzzle pieces.
  • Look at all the pieces put together.
  • What is the thing you are REALLY great at?
  • See the puzzle pieces colored in, is it 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% or more?
  • Now, imagine that everything else that you be, do or have in talent and abilities must be shared around all the leftover puzzle pieces.
  • What do you see?
  • How much to you feel shorted or stuck because you can’t be as good at other area?


What are your puzzle pieces telling you?

If you envision you are not great at anything, that is also caused by the same thing.  You are experiencing limitation in all areas.  The results about how you feel about yourself and possibilities are still coming from limitations.

What if you could shift the balance and remove the barriers of feeling one-sided and held to limitations?

Well you can!  And when you do, the talents, visions, and abilities you desire will  develop through choice.  You can redefine your puzzle pieces, without giving up anything at which you are already great!

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