I Need to Change My Life!

I need to change my life.  Yet, I am afraid!  I hear this over and over.  I find that most people know they aren’t happy but they really don’t know what to do to change it.  Also, to even complicate things more, the mere thought of change can be fearful.  So when you know you need change and change is avoided, no wonder it is hard to figure out what you need to do.

What if you could approach change from a new approach.  Rather than approach change from trying to make your circumstances be different.  What if you approached from the direction of looking at what is at the bases of your unhappiness?

Here are some things that I have done that have really made a difference for me and I encourage you to see how they will work for you:

  • Practice seeing your situation (circumstances) as only the result and not the cause of unhappiness. Imagine that the way things are in your life are coming from the choices you made.  And if you made some small minor new choices, then the circumstances would begin to change.  You don’t have to throw out the baby with the bathwater in order to make change.  It’s the little adjustments in what you choose to do that will brighten up each day, newly.
  • Identify what the requirements are that you put on yourself and others that really aren’t being met.  Then notice how much energy you have going into trying to get them met.  See, these expectations are way too heavy on you.  Let go of the stuff that is pulling down your aliveness. When you do, your energy returns and believe me, you will be much happier.
  • Let things flow.  One problem that costs you happiness is when you decide you want something and then you determine the WAY it has to materialize.  If it doesn’t happen that way you get upset.  Let go and let it flow.  When you just let things flow, so many more things come your way sooner and generally with far more fun and opportunity.

These three tips will begin to bring about less stress, more happiness, and your circumstances will begin to change.  And guess what, most likely you can keep the baby and just toss out the bathwater.

You can begin the mastery of these ideas in the Beyond Circumstances Workshop.  After all, if you can become happier and master some of these practices without having to make a radical change in your life’s circumstances, then this is where you can do that.

For more information go to:  www.beyondcircumstances.com

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