How To Have Fun Dates

Have you ever walked away from a date and said to yourself, that was just OK, or that wasn’t much fun?  “How to have fun dates” has some hidden secrets.  One thing that I always notice is there are so many things people do that rob them of the fun they could have had.

First of all it’s all in your head.  Yes, that’s what I said, “It’s all in your head.”  Let’s take a look.  You get asked out for a date, (first date,  a seasoned relationship date and even dates with your spouse) and you are already setting the pace for fun or not.

It all has to do with your beginning thoughts about the date.  You are either having thoughts of how much fun it will be, wondering if it will be fun or not, and often you might be sure it will be boring.   Regardless, these streams of thoughts are setting the groundwork for the outcome.

I have to ask you “why you would go out on a date if you don’t first choose for it to be a good time?”  If this is a seasoned relationship, the biggest problem is what you have “come to expect” out of your date.  Think back on the first date you had with this person.  I will bet that it was exciting to anticipate, that you couldn’t wait for it to get there… during the date you were totally engaged and interested in knowing more about this person.  Since you already know this person so well,  you have figured them out and you are going to walk into this date with all kinds of preconceived, well supported reasons for why it is likely to be same old, same old or even something worse.

Here’s what I want you to see, if the fun is going to be there it has to start at, “YES.”  It’s all about CHOICE.  And your choices are being made immediately when you accept the date.

You must make the choice for the date to be fun.

I have people ask me all the time, “so how do I make the CHOICE when I already don’t feel the fun?”

I realize you don’t know how to shut off the negative thoughts and just make a CHOICE for it to be fun.  I know how you feel, it can feel like faking fun.  I am all  about CREATING fun.   

Let me help you learn how to just CHOOSE FUN, no matter what!

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