Thoughts On Life

Your thoughts on life determine your experiences of life. If you want different experiences it takes different thoughts on life.   

It all starts with a choice, coupled by belief, followed with imagination, knowingness and willingness for it to not work out, letting go and just doing what is next.  What it doesn’t include is wishing, resistance and hoping things will change.  

It might seem pretty daunting, yet it’s simple once you learn the process.  This formula will change your thinking and change your life.


It was a pretty grim time in my life by anyone’s standards.  I was struggling financially, trying to recover from a very devastating time of financial ruin and divorce.  There was a special event for my oldest son to attend and there certainly wasn’t the $600 dollars for him to attend.  And I was committed to it happening, so I signed him up.  I had no idea how I could pay for it and yet I said, “I have the money.”

It was several weeks before the workshop was to occur and I went home, took out my journal and wrote these very words.  “I am excited to take Michael to the workshop this morning.”  Clearly, it wasn’t happening on that day, nor was it paid for, nor was there any financial means to pay for it on that day.

I sat there and realized that I made a very bold choice for him to go to the workshop given how tough things were. I totally believed the money would be there when the time came.  I had NO IDEA HOW.  I closed my eyes and I began to visualize the morning of me driving him to the workshop.  I was filled with excitement and I had a check in my hand to pay the fee.  In my visualization and imagination I created more than a picture, I created an experience.  That was the key, it was an experience that I created, using all five senses.

The experience was so real in my mind that for a moment I was there, it wasn’t a picture is was a reality that I had created.  Then I opened my eyers, it was as if I had been to that very morning.   I believed it was handled, and I had a knowingness that was validated by the experience I had created in my imagination.

Each day I could see that experience in my mind.  It was as if I woke up in that space every morning.  The company would call and check in on me about the balance of the payment.  When I answered the phone I would be present to the experience of taking my son to the workshop and carrying the check to pay.  I responded each time saying, yes he’s coming and I have the money to pay.

I noticed I was saying, “I have the money to pay,” and they never asked for me to pay, they just said, “ok bring it on the morning of the workshop.”   Days past, never once did I worry nor did I even get concerned.  I just went about my day as usual doing what was next.

The week of the workshop came and soon it was the day prior.  I was amazed at how it never became an issue or upset.  As the days drew near and the day before, I never once had doubt, only knowingness, not concerned about the how, just living in the choice, belief, imagination and knowing and willingness.

It was 2:00 on the day before and I went to my mailbox as usual.  It was the usual stuff in the box, bills and junk mail.  I opened a grocery store advertisement and a small envelope was stuck inside.  It was a card, like a thank you or invitation.  I didn’t recognize the return envelope and no name was on it.  I started to scream when I opened it and it contained a check for the exact amount, not a penny more or less, exactly the amount for Michael’s workshop.  It was a check from a woman who had vacated my rental house a couple of years prior. She left owing me money for back rent.  I had never heard from her after the day she left.  I had long since forgotten about her and the money she owed me.

I called everyone I knew, just blown away with joy.  I knew that through my choice, belief, imagination, knowingness, and willingness for Michael to go…I had created this money coming for him to go to this workshop.

Over and over this is the way my life is created daily.  I believe that God gave us this ability and it is our right and obligation to choose to use it.  It doesn’t mean “do nothing, sit around and hope it happens.”  It means, take 100% responsibility, use all that you have been given, believe and create a knowingness and willingness that all things are available, then DO WHAT IS NEXT.

I love teaching these processes and the embodiment of these practices.  It’s not airy fairy, it’s real.  

I have an online training if you are interested in getting started.  Join me, if you like.

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