How A Little Imagination Got Me On TV (Video Inside)

As a child did you ever dream of being on TV? Did you ever pick up a hairbrush and pretend to be a rockstar?  Or maybe you wanted to be the newscaster?  

As a little girl I had big dreams of being on TV and maybe even having my own show.  Then “life stuff happened” and slowly but surely the dream faded.  Before I knew it, I had quit imagining.  I had told myself it wouldn’t happen.  I let go of hoping and went on with my life.

In building my business, opportunity arose for me to write a book.  Guess what, that book led to a TV appearance.  My childhood dream of being on TV came back to me, as if it was yesterday.  Then I began to realize with just a little imagination I could bring it all back.  Fast forward… that led me to international speaking, which has now led to more TV appearances.

So, what did you quit imagining?  What if I could show you that you can have it.  Join me on my Free Online Training where I will show you how to imagine your dreams into reality.

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