One Quick And Easy Way To Get Free Of Feeling Trapped With Debt… Even If You Have Never Believed You Could!

Debt, alone, is enough to handle.  And when you add on stress and feeling trapped it can seem unbearable.

I know I have certainly seen those days in my life.  There was a time in my life that I was completely suffocated with debt, no money, home pending foreclosure, lost my job, husband bailed out and I had three children to care for. I was in panic mode.

So, what did I do about it?  I did the worst conceivable thing, I took an overdose of pills.  As you might figure, I failed at that too, because I am still here.  Thank God!!!

I turned it all around and so can you.  Over a short period of time afterwards I began to have some incredible and life changing insights.  I share them with you now because they have changed my life completely and I know it can help you!

My Insights…

There were many things that created the financial situation I was facing.  All of which no longer matter to me.  I came to realize the circumstances around money had to be seen for what they were, just circumstances – nothing more, nothing less!

Then I could see that what was so terrible wasn’t the financial crisis.  It was my reaction to the situation that was the problem.

I then discovered the cause of my reactions.  I saw I was resisting what it meant about me to have such a financial mess in my life.  My reaction was what had me stuck.  Because as long as I was running from what it meant about me, I couldn’t see how to resolve my debt or change my circumstances.

So, here is what I did about it.  I could see that my mindset about what the crippling debt meant about me (and what I would have to experience in cleaning up the mess of in my life) had taken me down a really dark path.  Once I could see that was what was happening,  I began to realize I could work on my mindset, go after negative beliefs, and create a new picture of my life.

And I did exactly that.  I created an entirely new picture and developed a mindset that got me free from it all.   I became more of the authentic Belanie and miracles began to happen.  The steps I took in creating a new mindset completely changed my life.

Here are a few of those steps…

I began an immediate practice of imagining it all handled.  I tapped into the Power of My Imagination and began living it as if it were already happening.  You see, I had done the same thing about the debt.  I had used the power of my imagination that taken right down that ugly path.  So, I realized if I had the power to do that, I also had the power to create and live a very different story.   Incredible things began to happen.  I began to see miracles within days

Within a week someone knocked on my door and said, “I want to buy your house.”  And he did. BTW, it was not listed for sale!  And it had more balance due than the appraised value and they paid the balance and all of the closing costs.

I had been left with a large tax debt, I stopped seeing it a debt and created a new picture of my life beyond the circumstance.   Within months it was tax issue was handled and I got a refund.

Within two months I had a new job that I loved for years to come.

Within the year, I met the man who has become the greatest blessing in my life and we celebrate an incredible relationship and marriage of over 32 years.

Life changed.  I have taught myself how to see the life I want to live, and I live it.

There is magic in your mindset.  It delivers exactly what you believe, what you see in your mind and believe in your heart.  I was choosing to see it as difficult – in debt, struggling, relationships as a mess – and I changed it all.

If you want to learn how to do the same.  You can get more information here.

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