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Cherish Every Moment

Cherish every moment, there is no moment better than THIS moment to commit to living in the present.  Each and every hello, goodbye and everything in between can be filled with love.  You are not promised anything…you can’t count on one single moment more other than the one you are in.  That’s it! As fast…

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How To Overcome Procrastination

If you have chosen to read this particular blog…it may be because you find yourself putting stuff off, not wanting to do something or get something done.   Avoidance, resistance, procrastination…it’s all the same stuff.  And, what you resist, persists.  And it’s true.  Avoidance, resistance, procrastination…as much as you might want it to, it doesn’t…

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And the Winner Is….

How often have you looked at your life and thought… And the winner is ________, and you could fill in the blank with, That’s ME? Not because it’s some contest, but, because you are living the kind of life that you feel like a winner, you have succeeded in the areas of your life that…

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