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Stuck in a job, Stuck in a bad relationship, Stuck because you don’t know what to do, Stuck cuz you don’t know the answers?  Stuck, stuck, stuck.  If I have heard that once I have heard it a million times.  And that’s not even counting the times over my life that I have said the same…

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What Is Wrong With Me?

I have certainly had plenty of times in my life that I have asked myself that very question. What is wrong with me?  I could clearly see that others did a much better job in their relationships than I did.  I tried everything. I tried telling myself – It’s ok, I just keep picking the…

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Thoughts On Life

Your thoughts on life determine your experiences of life. If you want different experiences it takes different thoughts on life.    It all starts with a choice, coupled by belief, followed with imagination, knowingness and willingness for it to not work out, letting go and just doing what is next.  What it doesn’t include is…

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How to Stop Worrying And Start Living

Worry is consuming peoples lives.  The stats are staggering, up to 60% of people worry about money, loss of job, relationship problems or worry about children.  Learning how to stop worrying and start living is very important for many reasons. Chronic worry can certainly to major hearth issues.  Often times it can even compound the…

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How A Little Imagination Got Me On TV (Video Inside)

As a child did you ever dream of being on TV? Did you ever pick up a hairbrush and pretend to be a rockstar?  Or maybe you wanted to be the newscaster?   As a little girl I had big dreams of being on TV and maybe even having my own show.  Then “life stuff…

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There’s nothing worse than having things in your life that just aren’t working out the way you want them to and you don’t know what to do to fix them.

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