For most of us, relationships are a critical component of our day-to-day lives. We are born into relationships with family members, and build relationships with friends, co-workers and clients as we move through life.

In those relationships, we find the topics of our conversations, our moral compass as individuals, and often the context in which we live our lives.

When our relationships work, we feel strong, connected and successful. When they break down, the experience can be devastating. Pain and failure begin to creep in.

Finding peace in the middle of that disconnect seems improbable, and yet it is completely possible and incredibly simple.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take two people to fix a broken relationship. All it takes is one person who is willing to be completely responsible for the way they show up.

When you stop trying to influence the way people see you, it opens the door for them to really connect with the truest part of who you are.

When you stop looking for someone else to make you feel a certain way, you gain the ability to create whatever experience you choose.

How often do you say things like he made me feel awful, or she makes me so angry?

Newsflash! No one is making you feel anything. You are choosing how you react in the moment, and you can choose something completely different, once you know how.

Your mindset determines how successful you can be in any relationship, whether it’s personal or business.

Here are three strategies you can implement today to improve the flow of communication and create amazing relationships.

  1. LISTEN NEWLY: What does that mean? It’s the practice of listening to others without reaction. That means shutting off that endless chatter in your brain that’s always working behind the scenes, translating every word into what it means about you. Choose to focus on what they’re really saying, rather than your internal monologue on what they’re saying about you. When you are present enough to hear the real conversation, meaningful communication is easy.
  1. KNOW YOUR DESTINATION BEFORE YOU BEGIN: This is not about dominating the conversation or forcing your agenda. This is the practice of awareness. Know what you’d like the outcome of any given situation to be, then choose the words that will take you there. The words we speak have incredible power, and can be used to create or destroy. Choose words that unify, that speak to possibility and the greater good, and let go of the words that encompass only one viewpoint. This kind of awareness creates open communication that allows for amazing outcomes.
  1. BE WILLING: Willingness is not about giving in. Being willing is the practice of allowing the best possible outcome to occur without having to control HOW it occurs. When preconceived notions and personal preferences are left out of the equation, it creates a whole lot of room for collaboration. This is where the magic happens in business and personal relationships.

To learn more about how mindset affects your relationship with yourself – and everyone else – please have a look at our Toolkit for Mindset Transformation™ (need link here).

What begins as our gift to you will become your gift to everyone in your life. Enjoy!